Smoothie Cubes

I’ve been making smoothies – yes, even during winter. It’s an easy way to get dairy, fruit and weet-bix into the little girl.

I originally started by blending weetbix, frozen bananas, and frozen strawberries with lots of milk and a dollop or two of yoghurt, enough to make a 600ml smoothie. The problem with this was that I’d sometimes end up with a strawberry that was still whole.

So, I changed the technique. No milk. I’d blend up the other ingredients so it was like I was grating / chopping it. Then I would add the milk. It was not entirely successful. I’d end up with chunks all over the bowl which I then had to scrape down.

So, I changed the method again. This time, just enough milk to make the weetbix soggy. 2 weetbix, 1 cavendish banana, 6 medium strawberries and about 250ml milk. I’d slowly mix until the weetbix was all soggy and then slowly increase the speed until it turned into something like melting ice cream. Then I’d add milk to make it the right consistency. This would make enough for about 1.5 smoothies. One for me, and half for the little girl.

Then, I figured out, I could leave out the final addition of milk. Why? Because I didn’t really want to have a smoothie every time I made one for the little girl. So, I’d make smoothie “concentrate” so I could spoon out enough to make a smoothie for her, and just add some more milk.

It occurred to me that even after a day or two in the fridge, the “concentrate” still retained its bubbles after I added milk to it. So, I tried freezing it.

The final recipe has been 3 weetbix, 3 frozen lady finger bananas, half a dozen frozen medium strawberries and about 250ml milk. I spread it out on a baking tray that has baking paper on it, freeze it, then slice it up and store in freezer bags.

We had smoothies this afternoon. The little girl had one that was about 250ml, and I had a 600ml one. And there was still plenty of bubbles in it. 😀


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Pizza bites

I saw this on my google reader a little while ago, and the link in that article to the “pizza bites”.

I figured they were going to be entertaining enough for my little girl to eat.

So, I made one batch of thermomix pizza dough, and while I waited for the dough to rise, I sliced up some chorizo for the filling. I divided the dough into 32 pieces and filled each ball with a squeeze of tomato paste, a slice of chorizo, and a cube of tasty cheese. I put them into a roasting pan in one layer and baked them in the oven for just 15 minutes.

They were tasty! And our little girl ate 3 of them! They were just the right size for her little hands.

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More use…

I’ve been busy with my life. Too busy to blog about what I’ve used my TM for.
However, here’s a quick recap, not to mention that it is finally time to make more of the TM Vegetable Stock Concentrate.

I’ve used the TM to

  • make pizza dough with the TM recipe – two batches at a time – one pizza is not enough!
  • cook plenty of risotto using the lesser amount of rice in the TM recipe (470g) and an addition of 4 pieces of short cut rindless bacon. This makes a veryfull containerful of risotto
  • make red-bean blended ice – just like at EasyWay but cheaper – frozen red-bean soup, ice, and a bit of water
  • mince beef – my little girl still struggles with eating beef, so I use the TM to turn my beef, whether frozen or thawed, but usually still raw, into pretty much a mooshy paste.
  • mince carrots – this is a winner – I add it to our bologonese sauce (which I do not make in the TM, nor do I use the TM recipe), but after seeing Gary “hide” carrots in the Sausage Rolls with Hidden Vegetables and labouriously grating the carrots, I thought to myself “hey! I have a TM to do that ‘grating’ for me”
  • cream butter and sugar – I’ve used the TM twice to do this now. I’ll have to get my mum’s opinion on whether it’s as good as the KitchenAid, or the Kenwood, but it has been sufficient for my purposes – chocolate chip biscuits and a treacle pudding
  • icecream – I’ve been making lots of the mango icecream recipe that came in a TM newsletter.

    300g mango, frozen in chunks
    300g milk, frozen in cubes
    50 g cream
    50 g sweetened condensed milk

    I changed the recipe somewhat as I’m lazy to always have cream, so I up the condensed milk anywhere from 80g to 100g and then add some fresh milk to compensate for the liquid component – 20g to 40g. YUM!

  • smoothies – frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, greek yoghurt, a weet-bix, and some milk – my little girl loves them.

I did also encounter my first error. “Err 52”. The user manual did NOT specify what it was, nor how to resolve it. I was quite unhappy, but fortunately, the internet came to my rescue. It was because condensation had dripped down the pins of the TM bowl and into the machine where the pins are inserted. Gave it a day or two to dry, and then I was back in business. Phew!

The other interesting thing to note about using the TM… my little girl thinks it makes the best noise, and when I recently made some pizza dough she would demand it make more noise when it would pause while in “Interval Mode”. Which, of course, it would. Perhaps that could be a new selling point – “entertaining for demanding children”. 😉

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A thermomix dinner

The other weekend, we had a few of my aunties visit. There was a desire from one of them to eat the TM Mushroom Risotto. She would be providing the mushrooms. It was muchly enjoyed by all.

It was not the only thing we made with the TM that night though. Things started in the afternoon. Mum brought her TM over as well, so we had two TMs going at once.

We started with Soy Milk. The aunties were impressed.

Then we experimented. The aunties had been to China and they had tried a Sweet Corn drink. The uncles were roped into de-husking the corn and cutting the kernels off the cobs.

We experimented with the following, based on the Soy Milk recipe

300g corn kernels
100g water

Blend at speed 10 for 1 minute
Cook at 100C for 6 minutes (speed 4)

We ended up adding another 200g water to make the drink less thick, and the aunties were very impressed that the resultant drink was smooth without needing to strain it.

We then proceeded to make Mushroom Risotto. Afterwards, we made the TM Lemon Custard. I made it to the recipe in the book, but it turned out excessively thick. I think I will put less cornflour next time. It was still very yummy.

All in all, a successful evening.

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Pureed Zucchini

4 large zucchinis, peeled and chopped into quarters, pureed at speed 8 for 20 seconds, cooked at 100C for 10 minutes, and pureed again looks like this:

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Mashed Pumpkin

I made some mashed pumpkin for baby’s first foods, other than Farex.

Peeled and cut up a whole Jap Pumpkin. It ended up being about 1.8 kilos of pumpkin. I put in 1 kilo of pumpkin, then chopped it for 20 seconds on speed 7. Added 1 MC of water, then cooked it at 100C on speed 3.

Once it was done, I pureed it some more at speed 8 for 20 seconds.

Nice and creamy and baby LOVES it!

It did stain the bowl though ….


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Restaurant Quality

An interstate friend visited us tonight. I decided I’d make Thermomix Risotto – it’s what we now call the Mushroom Risotto. Nice, easy and no fuss. I added 8 rashers of shortcut bacon to saute with the onions, but the rest of the recipe stayed the same.

“Oh, wow! This is restaurant quality!”, exclaimed our friend.

If that’s not a success, I don’t know what is. 😀

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