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Red Bean Blended Ice

Mum and I are fans of Red Bean Blended Ice from EasyWay. So, we thought we’d try to make some at home. Simple. Ice and red bean dessert (as in the Cantonese red bean dessert soup – red beans, water, sugar and cook).

I brought out my ice, and based on what happened with the sorbet from my first demo (the ice didn’t crush up as well as the demonstrator had hoped) decided I’d crush the ice first. The basics guide says about 400g of ice at speed 7-10 for about 10 seconds. I didn’t weigh my ice, but I turned it up to speed 7. And went by sound. There was no more rattling after about 4 seconds, so I figured it was all crushed. I was surprised to see it wasn’t just crushed – it was… well, it looked like icing sugar, it was all white! We added the red beans and some extra water, and the result was fabulous.
Our own Red Bean Blended Ice at home. All that was missing was pearls.


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Soy Milk catastrophe!

After our cheese and bacon scrolls, we decided to make more Soy Milk. I’d washed the TM bowl, bowl base and blade. Somehow, the bowl made it to the TM machine without the base, and without the blade. For some reason, mum didn’t notice.

She proceeded to pour the soaked soy beans into the bowl, wondering why the scales weren’t registering the weight. No matter, she thought, and proceeded to add the water. Needing to add 500g of water, she started to pour. And pour and pour.
“Why is the scale still on zero?”, she thought to herself as she continued to pour… and then noticed the water pooling on the benchtop! OMG! It’s leaking! OH NOES! There was water everywhere! Catastrophe!
We lifted up the TM bowl and, fortunately, most of the beans stayed in there. We grabbed all of my teatowels to soak up the water, and mum said “I wondered why it wasn’t working right! Oooh! Look, that’s what that little hole in the bottom of the machine is for…” – to let any spills drain out.
We wiped up all the water, and then we lifted the machine to wipe up the bottom of it more water dribbled out!
Fortunately, the machine seemed ok, because we proceeded to put the TM bowl together correctly and make soy milk successfully.

Crisis averted!

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Cheese and Bacon Scrolls

Mmmmmm. Cheese and Bacon Scrolls!
We used the bread recipe from the Herb and Garlic Pull-apart that they did in our first Thermomix cooking class.

450g lukewarm water
2 sachets yeast
1 1/2 tsp salt
750g plain flour
5 tbsp oil

Mix all ingredients for 5 seconds on speed 7.
Knead for 2 minutes on Interval speed. (I like to think of it as the Wheat setting because it’s got a picture of wheat!)
Allow to rise for 20-30 minutes.

We then rolled out the dough into a big rectangle, sprinkled it with bacon and cheese, rolled it up into a big log, sliced it into rounds and arranged them into a baking tray.

We put it into a cold oven, set to 180°C until they were cooked.

They turned out quite ok, but I think we could have used more cheese!


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Caster sugar from the Thermomix

The Basics section of the TM recipe book says to process 200g of sugar for 3 seconds on speed 9 to get caster sugar.

Well, you don’t get caster sugar. You get powder. Even processing for just 2 seconds leaves you with a significant quantity of powdered sugar.

And you shouldn’t process raw sugar for caster sugar. The book doesn’t specify, but you should use white sugar if you want white caster sugar (which caster sugar typically is, otherwise, it’s called brown caster sugar). If you make TM caster sugar from raw sugar, you will still taste the rawness in your recipe that calls for caster sugar.

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Creme Anglaise

I tried the creme anglaise recipe from the TM recipe book.

It says you need

250g milk
250g cream
6 egg yolks
80g sugar

I had a 300ml bottle of cream – it weighed 280g. So I increased the milk to 280g as well. I used 7 yolks from 50g eggs. I didn’t increase the amount of sugar.

I followed the method and it turned out quite well. The only thing I wasn’t particularly happy about was the visual texture – it looked grainy. Mum thinks it also had a grainy feel, but it seemed ok to me.

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Steamed Egg Custard

I needed to make something with the 8 egg yolks left over from making meringues. So I decided to make Cantonese Steamed Egg Custard. The sweet type with milk, not the savoury type with water/soy.

So, I added 4 more whole eggs, and put them in a 1.65 l pyrex dish.

I boiled 1 litre of milk with about 1 cup of sugar, and poured it into the egg. With 1 litre of water in the Thermomix, I set the temperature to Varoma, set the timer for 30 minutes and put the custard in its dish in the Varoma steamer and let it cook.

Mostly a success – I suspect the Varoma temperature is a bit too high – my custard went a bit bubbly around the outside, but it set.
I’ll try it again on just 100C next time.

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Mushroom Risotto a success!

I tried the mushroom risotto again tonight. And I followed the recipe properly this time.


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