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Soy Milk catastrophe!

After our cheese and bacon scrolls, we decided to make more Soy Milk. I’d washed the TM bowl, bowl base and blade. Somehow, the bowl made it to the TM machine without the base, and without the blade. For some reason, mum didn’t notice.

She proceeded to pour the soaked soy beans into the bowl, wondering why the scales weren’t registering the weight. No matter, she thought, and proceeded to add the water. Needing to add 500g of water, she started to pour. And pour and pour.
“Why is the scale still on zero?”, she thought to herself as she continued to pour… and then noticed the water pooling on the benchtop! OMG! It’s leaking! OH NOES! There was water everywhere! Catastrophe!
We lifted up the TM bowl and, fortunately, most of the beans stayed in there. We grabbed all of my teatowels to soak up the water, and mum said “I wondered why it wasn’t working right! Oooh! Look, that’s what that little hole in the bottom of the machine is for…” – to let any spills drain out.
We wiped up all the water, and then we lifted the machine to wipe up the bottom of it more water dribbled out!
Fortunately, the machine seemed ok, because we proceeded to put the TM bowl together correctly and make soy milk successfully.

Crisis averted!


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Thermomix Class – An Introduction to the Thermomix

In an effort to learn more about the Thermomix and whether we want it instead of a Kitchen Aid food processor, mum and I attended a cooking class.
The class’s menu was as follows: mandarinade, honeydew melon sorbet, capsicum and sundried tomato dip, broccoli salad, herb bread pull apart, potato and leek soup, brown rice salad, vanilla custard.

They made all of this with just the Thermomix in less than 2 hours, the only exception being that the bread needed to be baked in the oven.

They even churned butter from cream for the pull apart. Admittedly, I’ve played with making my own butter from cream by shaking it for ages and ages in a little container, so I wasn’t surprised that it could churn butter.

What impressed me most was the speed. Living in this fast world, where I have better things to do than slave over a hot stove to do the boring things, the speed appealed to me. I can spend time making funny shaped biscuits, or decorating a cake.

Mum and I have determined that we have to host a demo at my place and buy a Thermomix. Stuff the Kitchen Aid food processor. This thing can cook food and puree it all at once. I don’t have to cook food then transfer it to a food processor to puree. It’ll be a breeze when it comes to making baby food!

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