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The Thermomix Arrives

The day of the delivery arrives! How exciting! Mum already had me soak 2 cups of soy beans in preparation.

The Thermomix lady arrives and we set up the machine. It’s so easy, just like the demonstrations.

We try to follow the recipe to make soy milk.

150g dried soy beans, soaked overnight and drained.
1100g water

Mix beans and 500g of the water at speed 8 for 1 minute
Add the remaining water and mix at speed 4 for 10 minutes at 90C

Strain, add sweetener as required, drink.

It was a success and even the Thermomix lady was impressed.


October 6, 2009 at 11:34 pm 1 comment

Thermomix Demo

An up close and personal demonstration.

Everyone arrives late, but once it gets going, there’s no stopping what the Thermomix creates!

We made strawberry sorbet, peach bellinis, bread rolls, garlic and herb dip, mushroom risotto, coleslaw and lemon custard – all from the recipe book.

The things we didn’t like:
the raw garlic and the raw shallots in the dip
watching all the powdered sugar and flour waft through the gap created by the MC and into the kitchen – ugh – I detest mess!

But overall, it was all yummy and easy and fast.

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